Depositphotos_22019865-150x150Competition Rules

    • Competition:
      Competitions will be held monthly (Except December & January).
      Competitions will be judged as one grade only.
      A competition for large prints will be held 3 times a year.
      If an image wins 1st place, it is not to be re-entered in another category in our club competition and/or as a different size. For example, small prints to a large print and/or Set subject to Open or another set subject.


    • Entries:
      A competitor may submit up to 2 Electronic Images (EDIs) and 2 prints in each competition.
      Entries must be the competitor’s work.
      Entries must be handed to the Print Steward by the club meeting prior to judging.
      EDIs and prints which have previously won awards i.e. 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the monthly competition cannot be re-submitted.
      Entries in EDI or Print of the year
      must be submitted in their original form with the exception of re-mounting prints which may be done if desired.


    • EDIs:
      Electronic Images entered in competition must not exceed a size of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a maximum memory size of 5 Megabytes.


  • Prints:
    Home processed black & white, colour prints, commercially process colour prints and digitally produced prints will be accepted in each large or small print competition.
    The title of the print and the author’s club number must be clearly marked on the back of the print.
    Include an arrow to indicate the top of the print.
    The author’s name or other comments must not appear.
    Prints must be mounted.
    Prints may be mounted in landscape or portrait form.
    Framed prints will not be accepted.