Judging in Competitions

  1. Judging:
    Judging of competition entries will be conducted
    each month by judges selected by either the Executive Committee or the Print and EDI Steward.
    All competition entries will be forwarded for placing and comments, to the selected judge by the Print & Slide Steward.

  2. Scoring:
    One point will be awarde for each entry submitted. Points for placing are as follows:
    First place – 15 points
    Second place – 10 points
    Third place – 5 points

  3. Penalties & Appeals:
    A violation of any of the rules herein will automatically diqualify the slide’s and or print’s from the competition.
    Any member who feels that an entry is not in accordance with the club rules or definitions has the right to appeal to the Executive Committee.

  4. Club Award:
    Entries are to be selected by the member from their small prints which were un-placed in the club competitions for the current year.
    Members may submit 2 small prints which will be judged as ‘open’ regardless of their original subject.
    Any member who has achieved a Print of the Year Award, Slide of the Year Award or Club Award is ineligible for this award.

  5. Return of Prints or EDIs:
    A member may request the return of their prints or slides which gained a place in a monthly competition
    one month after the results are announced.
    It is the member’s responsibility to return their prints to the Print & EDI Steward for special competitions or annual awards.