Digital Projected Images:
The maximum size of any image is 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high
The file size for any image will be a maximum of 5 Mb
The image will have been saved as a JPEG file in the sRGB colour space (usually the default setting)
Image file names must begin with the member’s code number, linked by an underscore with the title of the image e.g: 025_A Day at the Beach.jpg.
A maximum of 120 characters is allowed in the label.
Do not include the image title or the makers name within the image itself.

Small Print Sizes:
Prints must not exceed 180mm x 125mm (7in x 5in), mounted on a board which must not exceed 250mm x 200mm (10in x 8in). Mounting thickness must not exceed 5mm.Small Print

Large Print Sizes:
Large prints must not exceed 400 mm x 500 mm (16 in x 20 in)
Large print mountings must not exceed 400 mm x 500 mm (16 in x 20 in)

Mounting thickness must not exceed 5 mm

Large Print